About us

LAS SUREÑAS is a beachwear design brand (and beyond) that creates everything inspired in all types of bodies (we have a custom-made line for that) and in clothes that are part of the slow fashion philosophy.

The best of all it’s that everything is produced taking care of our planet (with no toxic dyes, with no waste because we print what we use, with reusable neoprene bags instead of plastic ones, with organic materials and the best lycra and is made in the USA, supporting local seamstress and other American providers too).


With us you are part of the creation of your own design. How? First you choose which product you’ll like to order. Then you choose one print from our vast catalogue of original and amazing prints, and finally the size you want. And then you choose the size you want us to make it for you. With that information, we start our part of producing it and soon enough you’ll have it ready at your door.

Las Sureñas commitment to the environment

Our rigorous vendor selection process allow us to reduce our ecological impact in everything we do. By selecting the best eco-friendly fabrics we are committing to environment. Our custom-made products allows us to have almost zero waste, with almost no leftovers.

Organic and Earth-Friendly Fabrics

Our fabrics consumes very little water, making it an eco-friendly solution.

Our fabrics meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements to be free of restricted chemicals. We avoid fabrics with any flame-retardant applications, and our fabrics pass tests ruling out harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and lead.

Our custom-made process is designed to minimize fabric and ink waste.

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Money Back

If you don’t like the product you can change it or get a refund