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Comfortable fit
Long sleeve.
Straight hem
Mother of Pearl Buttons.

Made with Organic Sweet Pea Gauze TM, 100% organic cotton double gauze fabric.
It is a very soft and light fabric, which is made up of two thin layers of woven fabric that are connected to each other. The fabric is fine, a little transparent, flowy and very flexible. With an open-weave texture similar to muslin.

Care Instructions
Machine wash cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry on a low temperature setting. Iron on the reverse side of the fabric.

Model measures 34″ bust | 25″ waist | 39″ hips

An eco-friendly process
Sustainable operational practices
Water-based pigment inks and dyes
Initiatives that continue to lower waste byproducts

The size of the print it’s not accurate and the print distribution may vary in the real design. This is just a digital recreation to show you how it may look.


0 (XS), 1 (S), 2 (M), 3 (L), 4 (XL)


Anthrium, Black Line Tiger, Blue Leopard in White, Bright Neon Flowers, Cheetah on Rattan Chair, Cheetah Running, Colorful Leopards in Cream, Colorful Tigers in Grey, Fairytale Garden, Hidden Tiger, Japanese Romance, Koi Fishes, Leopard Family Tree, Leopard Head on Cream, Leopard in Cream Dots, Leopard in Green Dots, Leopard Lips in Black, Leopard Lips in Tan, Leopard Parade in Cream, Leopard Parade in Green, Leopard Parade in Grey, Leopard Parade in Magenta, Leopard Parade in Red, Leopards in Snow, Magical Blue Tiger, Pink Flower, Pink Tiger in Blue, Reptile Jungle, Safari Brown, Safari Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Snakes, The Zoo, Tiger and Bamboo in Light Blue, Tiger and Peacock Green Small, Tiger and Peacock in Dark Green Large, Tiger and Peacock in Grey, Tiger and Peacock on White, Tiger and Peacock Tan, Tiger on Sunset Small, Tigers Dancing, Tigers on Khaki, White Swans, White Tiger on Blue, White Tiger with Green Leaves, White Tigers in Blue Palms, White Tigers in Green Palms, Yellow Ocelot, Zebra Head on Cream


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