Miami. Three friends who have been living in Key Biscayne for more than 10 years. September 2020. Las Sureñas. A name inspired by the origin of its creators: Argentina and Uruguay. An idea to create together a clothing brand different from what was found in the market. A brand created for all body types and that lives free from changing trends. To be a part of the slow fashion movement and at the same time to be unique, eye-catching, and fun. How? By combining classic and timeless fabrics in pieces that are a must in any wardrobe with strong, original, and full-of-life prints.
A brand that designs swimsuits and bikinis and impeccably custom-made tailoring, including shirts and shorts, tunics, cashmere sweaters, and other pieces that make Las Sureñas a comprehensive and assorted brand.
Therefore, the style of Las Sureñas is a unique mix that turns a classic piece into a statement one, and a slow fashion trend into an unmistakable style, #LasSureñasStyle.



We complement each other and we bounce off each other:
Silvana is an optimist and a dreamer. She brings passion to the brand, designing and selling are her expertise.
Carola is the motor behind everything, one that never stops and never quits, she is fearless and determined. She is involved in every detail of the process.
Luli is the image and communication expert. I’m the idealistic and the aesthetic eye; every image, word and design is made and released with my approval.

And together, side by side, we are Las Sureñas.

Carola Urtubey,
I am one of the three Las Sureñas founders, along with my two great friends, Luli and Silvana. We are all from the Southern Hemisphere, hence our brand name Las Sureñas. I am originally from Uruguay where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Autism. However my home since 2002 is Key Biscayne, where I live with my husband and three children Paloma, Ignacio, and Olivia.
Last year we founded our custom-made swimwear company Las Sureñas after we realized just how hard it is to come across and buy stunning swimwear that also fits perfectly. We received such a great response to our designs/prints that we eventually expanded our line to casual wear. I feel very lucky to be able to work with my friends and enjoy what I do every day!

Luli Ballestrin,
I was born in my beloved country, Argentina, where I got my degree in communication and journalism. There I also worked at several magazines companies as a fashion stylist and specialized as an image consultant. There I found my love for helping others develop their own amazing style. In Argentina I was the first women to have a personal blog about fashion and personal style, now I am a lifestyle influencer through my Instagram account @luliblovely. I then moved to live to Miami, 10 years ago, with my first son and my husband (now we have three more kids!). I helped develop different brands, participated in interesting collaborations where we created pieces together, all of which were inspired by a concept we both loved. I also published a book with Penguin Random about Miami and it’s neighborhoods. Now I’m part of this amazing brand with two gorgeous partners and various friends.

Silvana Larrarte,
Born in Concordia, Entre Ríos, a province in Argentina. Silvana then moved to Buenos Aires to study Foreign commerce. Through experience in lots of different works, she quickly became an expert in selling everything she believes in. She is a mom of three precious children and has lived in Miami for more than 12 years. She’s now invested in our brand Las Sureñas. With her on our team we are unstoppable.